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‘QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST, QUALITY WORTH THE WAIT!’ If you need a new concrete patio or driveway or need work done on your existing one contact Mouton Concrete Services. Who specialise in putting some TLC into the look and feel of your patio or driveway. So if you would like to have the best concrete driveways and patios for your home then CALL Mouton Concrete Services today.


Operated by Mouton Concrete Services, the company published three tips for visitors who need a concrete driveway or patio: 1) Pick the right time. According to Mouton Concrete Services, if the week is too hot, it can lead to defects in the concrete finish. This is because the work cannot be completed in the ideal cooling period in hot weather. 2) Avoid mistakes. Mouton Concrete Services emphasises that the cost to repair a mistake with concrete is expensive. They recommend testing the soil before pouring the concrete and preparing it for the weekend ahead. They also recommend hiring a professional concrete finisher instead of trying out DIY methods. 3) Go over the project and its plan.


Design it to Be in Harmony: Before you begin a new construction driveway or patio, plan it according to its future use. Does your driveway need to fit three vehicles? Is your patio going to be for entertaining outdoors with friends for dinner or lounging? We are able to help you design your space and make it work best for you!

Pick Your Mix: Street-level Sidewalk Patch Reconstruction This is something most homeowners don’t realise. With concrete, it’s important to pick the proper mix – to use the best stone and cement, and ensure that it’s suited for your particular project. Here at Mouton Concrete Services, we use extra-durable materials to get your repair project up and done, long-lasting, and at a proper cost.

Always remember the D in DGG… Don’t Forget About Drainage! Proper drainage can be the most important piece of any driveway or patio installation. If we don’t have the correct slope on your installation, you will allow water to run up to your driveway or patio and potentially damage it within a couple years. We make sure to analyze all the layout of your project and design it with the correct slope and drainage so that you won’t have to worry about water damage to your installation. You can trust Mouton Concrete Services to do a great job and will give you a driveway or patio that you’ll love and will be there for years to come.

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