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At Mouton Concrete Services, we recognize the value of aesthetic enhancements that elevate the exterior of a home. Taking inspiration from Brick Restoration’s expertise in crafting custom mailboxes, we understand how a brick, stone, or stucco mailbox can be a cost-effective addition that harmonizes with a home’s exterior and landscaping. These mailboxes can be tailored with cast stone number plates, side planter boxes, and custom metal inserts, including larger or locked boxes. Remarkably, even if a home features older, discontinued brick, Brick Restoration has the capability to stain the mailbox material to achieve a perfect match. Such attention to detail and commitment to customization underscores the importance of integrating elegance and design into every project.

While Mouton Concrete Services is a premier contractor for large and small scale concrete projects, Mouton Concrete Services would like to recognize excellence elsewhere in the masonry field. One of these fine companies is Brick Restoration . Brick Restoration specializes in installations made of masonry materials. Brick Restoration believes in the art of bringing life and beauty to every structure with a detailed and premier masonry structure. Masons at Brick Restoration can handle almost any type of brick installation. At Brick Restoration, services are centered around the creation of a unique and valuable installation for the home or business. Brick Restoration designs and installs custom installations, such as an interior brick wall, a patio and a walkway, a custom fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, planters, fountains, or mailboxes. Every installation is carefully crafted to add style, elegance and strength to the landscape to bring the client’s vision to life and exceed their expectations.

Mouton Concrete Services proudly collaborates with industry pioneers like Brick Restoration, a company renowned for its comprehensive masonry services. Brick Restoration goes beyond mere brick repair, offering a diverse array of masonry materials including brick, stone, stucco, pavers, cmu block, and concrete. Their expertise encompasses a wide range of services from structural damage restoration and custom installation to decorative washes and waterproofing. With a keen focus on precision, they specialize in brick and mortar matching, ensuring repairs are seamless and undetectable. Their innovative approaches, such as the industry-first program for assessing, restoring, and maintaining brick perimeter fences, set them apart as leaders in masonry solutions.

1. Design Planning

  • Choose the material (brick, stone, or stucco)
  • Decide on the design and style of the mailbox
  • Select additional features (e.g., planter boxes, number plates)

2. Materials Acquisition

  • Purchase the chosen material (brick, stone, or stucco)
  • Obtain a mailbox insert (standard, large, or locked)
  • Acquire cast stone number plates (if desired)
  • Get materials for additional features (e.g., side planter boxes)

3. Color Matching

  • If necessary, find staining solutions to match the mailbox with existing bricks or stones

4. Construction and Installation

  • Prepare the foundation or base where the mailbox will be installed
  • Build the mailbox according to the planned design
  • Install the mailbox insert and any additional features
  • Ensure the stability and durability of the construction

5. Final Touches

  • Add the number plates or any decorative elements
  • Clean and finish the surfaces for a polished look

6. Inspection and Quality Assurance

  • Inspect the mailbox to ensure it meets design specifications and quality standards
  • Confirm that the mailbox is functional and secure

7. Maintenance Planning

  • Plan for regular maintenance to keep the mailbox in optimal condition

Would you like to add or modify any items on this checklist?

Mouton Concrete Service does custom concrete work most notably monument signs that are made of strong materials such as cement and reinforced with rebar, making a great, long-lasting look that any civic official, businessman or homeowner would want. This sign includes a space made to enhance the visibility at night. Monument signs are perfect for the identifiers and entrance signs to the community, large business and retail signs, church buildings, and markers to restaurants and catering facilities or offices. The masonry, brick, stone and stucco monuments are one of our unique skills, because we specialize in detail and aesthetic appeal, while still making it a valuable form of advertising that is straightforward and easy to maintain and not overly costly to set up. Mouton Concrete Services has managed to cut through the competition and stand alone. We handle the project from conception to completion, dominating the signage business one installation at a time. We take pride in both aesthetics and functionality, and we know how to improve outdoor spaces with permanent signs that are a powerful visual statement and a reminder of the quality and craftsmanship going in to every job we do.

Mouton Concrete Services provides high quality masonry and brick repair for all Galveston, Texas and its surrounding areas like League City, Kemah and Texas City. We provide Galveston Bay, Texas with high quality professional masonry service for cities that face Caribbean intertropical moisture and the south to southwest wind called the gulf steam. We take great pride in every masonry project we undertake because we believe the typical Galveston home or business deserves a beautiful setting and requires years of lasting durability, regardless of the impact to its facade resulting from the year-round heat, sunlight, tropical moisture, high shimmer episodic rain, or from the flooding, if you haven’t experienced this, you don’t want too either! Mouton Concrete Services strives to provide residential and commercial areas in Galveston with services that increase the longevity, safety, and appearance of your home or business.


Aesthetic upgrades to the exterior of a home are valued at Mouton Concrete Services, as we know from seeing the desirability of architectural elements such as a brick, stone or stucco mailbox, thanks to Brick Restoration’s experience in this field. Often this exterior enhancement adds considerable value at a minimal cost where a mailbox needs to be installed and maintained, and where it complements the exterior of the home as well as the landscaping.

Additionally, they can be fitted with cast stone number plates, side planter boxes and custom metal inserts, including bigger mailboxes and locks. True to form, even if an old home has discontinued brick, Brick Restoration can stain the mailbox substrate for a perfect match.

And furthermore, Mouton Concrete Services occasionally contracts with Brick Restoration, a company skilled in masonry installation, because its masons can repair and install all kinds of brick, so they can recommend solutions that make any home or business look more attractive and functional.

Additionally, their services include designing and building custom installations such as interior brick walls, patios and walkways to custom fireplaces. Also included are outdoor kitchens, planters, fountains, as well as mailboxes, each adding to the beauty, style and structural strength of the residence in which it is built, with each project meeting and going beyond client expectations.

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